Sexual Boosting Ingredient

EnV8 is manufactured in the USA by a badly known company which has its own website. The latter is quite informative but doesn't mention whether the product has any possible side effects. That is the main criteria when choosing the appropriate supplement. The manufacturer claims that it is a male performance enhancement product. They promise that the supplement is able to boost your libido, provide more intense orgasms, improve sex performance, enable you to better control when you finish and increase confidence.

EnV8 also claims to improve the quality of erections and male health in general. It has a list of ingredients which are meant to elevate free testosterone and enhance blood flow. Let's discuss the main supplement's ingredients and try to find out whether this product is really so effective as it is claimed to be.

The official website gives the list of ingredients in EnV8 but it is incomplete. No additional components are mentioned. The first main ingredient of the product is beet root extract. It is known to enhance sexual stamina and increase blood flow. This plant is said to contain nitric oxide boosters which are able to expand and relax the blood vessels for better erection. Unfortunately, its effect in the human body is too low and will hardly bring any visible results.

Muira puama has always been known as a sexual boosting ingredient and was used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction, however there is no scientific proof backing these effects. L-Citrulline contains substances which are considered to increase your sex drive and sexual endurance, but these effects are too low. This ingredient is more effective for athletes in terms of improved physical endurance.

Tribulus terrestris extract is probably the only effective ingredient in EnV8. This extract is able to boost production of testosterone and raise your libido. Remember that testosterone is associated with such negative effects as rage, bigger prostate size and hair growth.

Eurycoma longifolia is said to naturally raise free testosterone, increase your sexual endurance and spark sexual appetite again. However, this component may cause a number of side effects which will be described further. Grape seed extract is claimed to improve blood circulation in the whole body, including the penile chambers. This ingredient can cause dizziness, nausea and headache when used incorrectly.

Avena sativa is another EnV8 ingredient which acts as a natural aphrodisiac that assists to enhance free testosterone releasing in the man's body. Maca root has the ability to increase energy levels but it has nothing to do with sexual problems, even though it is considered to improve the quality of sperm. There is no scientific proof of these claims. Piper longum has a few sex benefits including its ability to boost libido. But it is unknown how much of this ingredient is added to EnV8 and whether any effect will be noticed.

According to the official manufacturer's website, EnV8 is a 100% natural product with no side effects but it is not true. The Internet has many negative reviews left by true users of the supplement. Before starting using EnV8 check with your doctor to learn whether your can take this product without any harm to your health. Let's have a look as side effects caused by some of major product's ingredients.

Beet extract can decrease calcium levels and cause kidney damage. People suffering from kidney disease are not recommended to take this substance in order not to make the disease worse. In animal studies Eurycoma longifolia was proven to cause the increase of spleen, liver, kidney and testicles, which eventually led to death of the mice. The same effect can be seen with people if this component is consumed in higher doses.

Grape seed extract is generally safe but in some cases it may cause nausea, itchy scalp, headache, and dizziness. Some people may be allergic to grape seed extract. Patients with high blood pressure or a bleeding disorder are recommended to talk to their doctor before using EnV8. Besides, this extract can interact with certain medicines like NSAID painkillers, blood thinners, and cancer and heart medicines. People with disorders of the digestive tract (esophagus, intestines, stomach) should avoid eating the supplement.

"I quit taking EnV8 after first use because even though my blood pressure is under control with meds, I experienced chest pains and shortness of breath"

"The only thing EnV8 did for me was shrink my wallet and give me a headache"

"Don't waste your money. Does not work. Very poor quality product. EnV8 might even be poisonous. Mad acne and nauseous feeling"

EnV8 can be purchased online through a number of retail stores, such as Amazon, GNC or Walmart however. One bottle costs $45 and will be enough for one month. Purchasing a few bottles will give you an opportunity to save money. Nothing is mentioned about a money back guarantee on the website.

I do not think that EnV8 is able to solve your problems in sexual sphere of your life as it has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, it can cause severe side effects. The official website doesn't give information about the ingredient amounts in EnV8. There is no specification of details about the guarantee. Not all of the ingredients are natural as mentioned on the official website. Besides, there are no names of additional components.

The formula of the supplement is pretty similar to those of other libido enhancers and testosterone boosters. However, the product can be ordered and shipped internationally with arrival time of about 10-15 business days. Taking into account all pros and cons of EnV8, I cannot recommend this product to usage as there are hundreds of other male enhancement supplements on the market nowadays. Skip this supplement and go with something that has more proof of its safety and effectiveness. It is important to make sure that your new choice will not harm any of your body system.