Increase The Length And Girth Of Penis with Vega Sport Protein

AP is a mechanical device that is promised to increase the length and girth of a man's penis (look vega sport protein) through providing traction to the male organ. The product has its official website called adndomedical which also offers another product for penis enlargement - Androvacuum. The website is beautifully made in terms of design but it lacks a lot of important information, namely the materials used for producing products and possible adverse effects and allergic reactions associated with the usage of their devices. The manufacturer is probably based in the USA. The company is badly known and the products it offers are doubtful.

AP is also claimed to correct penis curvatures of the penis up to 40 percent because of Peyronie's Disease. The product exerts certain force at the male penis. Its volume is from one to three pounds. As a result, the user penis stretches and gets tiny skin tears and damages. According to the manufacturer, because of those damages, new tissues are formed in the organ. The producer also claims that the device can extend the penis by about 1.6 inches and grow girth by 0.6 inches. The penis becomes longer and thicker, however, those results are not approved by any medical research or studies.

AP has no ingredients because this device should be attached to your penis. It is said to stretch and enlarge the male organ making it longer and thicker but it is our task to find out whether the device really works. Many scientific studies have been done on the product but none of them actually supports the effectiveness of Andro penis. Let's have a look at the device closer to understand how it is supposed to work.

The main part of AP is its extender that is responsible for the stretching process. The device should be placed over the male organ as described in the instructions. The AP kit includes the instructional booklet, Androcomfort bands, and a carrying case. The product has to be worn on the penis from four to nine hours per day regularly, not less than for four to six months.

The AP extender is promised to provide gradual results but the usage of the device is not usually associated with comfort. It should be worn on the flaccid penis and fastened with comfort straps which are responsible for holding the penis in the position which is far from natural, to my mind. Many users complain of great discomfort, irritation and even pain while using the device.

Even though the manufacturer claims that AP has an innovative design due to which the product applies a small amount of pressure on the organ, most customers report experiencing unpleasant feelings in their penis. It is not that pleasant to wear such an uncomfortable device for several hours each day. The official website does not contain any photos of customers before and after using AP. Thus, we have no opportunity to compare the results.

The manufacturer keeps silence in terms possible side effects of using AP. However, they do occur and more often than imagined. As the device causes tiny tears in the tissue of the male penis - in the skin and in the deeper organ tissues - the user experiences pain of different levels depending on the force applied. Some men try to wear the product at night when they are sleeping but they confess that it is impossible because of the discomfort they feel. So, only due to such negative feelings most men are unable to wait till they receive the first results.

According to the manufacturer, the wearer's body should naturally create new cells which serve to fill in the empty spaces formed in the tissue. However, there is no better proof of the effectiveness of AP than reading the reviews of real users of this device. Let's have a look at some of them.

"I have been using AP for three months but I have not noticed any positive results. I have to confess, however, that I did not apply too big traction force because I could not bear it. I do not recommend it to anyone. It's like carrying a load on your penis all day long"

"Because of Andro Penis I had to change my job. After I bought the device, I tried to use it at night because I work from morning till evening in the office. But I failed wearing it while sleeping, so I started using it on my working place. Unfortunately, my colleagues noticed my "secret" and I was ashamed in my company"

"This device is just turmoil! I wished so much to increase my penis that I was ready to suffer from any pain. But when my penis got irritated and swollen too much I went to the doctor. My doctor prohibited me to use AP. They are just waste of money!"

AP can be bought from a number of websites including Walmart, Amazon, GNC, however, I would recommend buying a product of this kind from the official website only because the risk of purchasing a fake is too high. The average cost of the device is $200.

I cannot recommend using AP to anyone because this product has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, no scientific studies have been conducted that would approve the effectiveness of this device. Secondly, few users report positive results in terms of the increase of the length and girth of their penis. The safety of the device is also under question. It is not effective in removing the penis curvature too. The product isn't comfortable to wear and may cause severe allergic reactions and irritation. It is not effective for the treatment of such health issues such as libido loss or erectile dysfunction. The effect is not guaranteed for every user. Besides, the use of the device requires serious effort.