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AMPro is a new formula of pills which are designed to increase libido, combat impotence, raise energy levels, improve mood and enhance satisfaction from sexual intercourse, as well as to fight sexual dysfunction and other problems in this sphere. The manufacturer promises that AMPro dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure, stimulates sexual neurons, helps to achieve and maintain longer and firmer erections, increases the sexual performance and sensations, as well as boosts libido for both sexual partners. The product has its own official website which is beautifully made in terms of design, but it lacks information on the ingredients used in the supplement and possible side effects. Only three ingredients are named. Let's have a look at the main ingredient in AMPro to better understand whether it is a really natural and effective solution.

As it was already mentioned, only three of the components are mentioned on the official website of the product. They are: Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama and MACA. For this reason, I had to make my own research and I succeeded. Peruvian Maca is known for its aphrodisiac effect and ability to increase sexual drive. It is also said to boost sperm production. However, these effects have not been scientifically proven, neither was the compound proven safe.

Tongkat Ali is known for its ability to reduce the action of free radicals and improve heart health. This ingredient is used in Southeast Asian medicine to boost sexual desire and increase libido. It is not known what amount of this component is added to AMPro and whether it will work.

Muira Puama is promised to improve blood flow and fight depression. But there is no evidence that it can help to maintain erections, enhance sexual function (read Plexus Triplex Reviews) and increase fertility. So, it cannot be trusted. Retinol is another ingredient in the product that is said to improve the health of the male reproductive system but it was not mentioned in what way. Pyridoxine is also known as Vitamin B6 which is known for its ability to enhance the human metabolism, however, it can be harmful if used in high doses.

Tocopherol or Vitamin E is an antioxidant which can also combat the process of cell aging. However, there is concern that taking this vitamin on a regular basis might increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. Taking vitamin E can worsen the condition of a prostate cancer in men. Acerola improves immunity and fights fatigue but it has nothing to do with the sexual life of a man. It can be harmful for people with gout because the vitamin C contained in acerola may increase the levels of uric acid which makes gout worse.

Zinc helps to combat prostate disorders but its high doses can cause severe allergic reactions. Chelated Selenium is an antioxidant that is able to reduce the action of free radicals but it has nothing to do with the reproductive system of a man. Chromium Picolinate can theoretically enhance athletic performance but there is no official scientific data supporting this fact. AMPro has many contradictions and it was not authorized or certified by any reputable health organization.

The manufacturer keeps silent when it comes to adverse reactions and side effects of AMPro which makes me think that it is either unnatural or ineffective or cannot solve sexual problems completely. The dosage of the ingredients is unclear, so the supplement may carry potential health dangers. Even some of the components have certain side effects.

Even though Tongkat Ali is an effective herbal aphrodisiac, it does have shortcomings. Its main side effect is insomnia. Lack of sleep can lower your sex drive even more and cause tiredness. Many users of this compound are sure that it can increase body temperature, cause restlessness, nervousness and impatience. Do not take tongkat ali supplements if you are going to drive in heavy traffic. High doses of this component can increase heart rate which is bad to those who have heart disease.

One of common side effects of muira puama is insomnia which is associated with the alertness it causes, and, thus, if you are too alert you will not be able to fall asleep and sleep well at night. For this reason, you are recommended to take one capsule of muira puama supplement in the morning. To better understand what effects AMPro has it will be a great idea to read at least several of the users' testimonials.

"I have tried many male enhancement supplement but AM Pro was the most disappointing. It did not only give me any positive results but even made me feel very sick! I could not work, exercise and even sleep because of that terrible heart rate. As soon as I stopped taking the supplement, I came back to life."

"I have taken AMPro for a few weeks but I didn't manage to get my sex life back on track. The erections were weak as usual, my partner got upset even more. But I am not going to surrender! I will find a better solution!"

"AMPro was the last savior for our marriage. We have been married for fifteen years and in my forties our sex life started to fade. The product did not work. I hope my wife won't leave me."

AMPro can be purchased not only from the official website. Its average cost is $20 per bottle containing 30 capsules, a one-month supply. It can be also find on retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, GNC, etc.

AMPro is not the best solution for solving sexual issues because it has a lot of drawbacks. It should be used by men who are over 18 years old only. It can only be ordered and bought online. The manufacturer recommends to take the supplement for at least 3-6 months before seeing the first positive results. Besides, the product can cause numerous side effects. I cannot recommend AMPro because the modern market offers much better testosterone boosters which bring results faster and in a safer manner.