Increase Blood Flow with Red Fortera

FCKP is a male performance enhancing supplement manufactured by a badly-known non-reputable company based in the USA. It has an official website which seems to have too many porn images with big-sized penises. But does it really work? Well, the manufacturer promises much. It says that FCKP can enlarge your penis by four inches and bring you hard erections. Your testosterone levels will be increased. As a matter of fact, you will have better confidence. How can I comment such claims? Well, the first promise is nothing more but just words. It's impossible to grow your penis by 4 inches with pills. The rest can be theoretically achieved but only with the right formula. Let's have a look at the ingredients of FCKP.

The formula of FCKP contains the following ingredients. Horny Goat Weed is said to increase blood flow in the body and in the penis. It has been used for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction for many years but its long-term use is often associated with dizziness, dry mouth, vomiting, nosebleed, and thirst. One can suffer from severe breathing and spasms as well.

Maca Root is a natural aphrodisiac but it possesses a very light effect when it comes to sexual improvement. It is high in iodine big amounts of which can worsen the condition of thyroid disease. It also contains Glucosinolate, which can provoke the growth of goiters. To avoid this consult your endocrinologist before using maca root. Mucuna Pruriens is promised to increase sex drive and testosterone levels. It stimulates the release of dopamine increasing your sex-drive and testosterone. However, Mucuna Pruriens may cause such side effects as headaches, vomiting, and sleeplessness.

Polypodium Vulgare in blue emu has anabolic properties, some like Red Fortera. It corrects male impotence in a light way but it can be safely used for a short period of time depending on the kind of the plant used in the supplement. Otherwise you can get upset stomach. Yohimbe Barkwhich increases blood flow improving the male erection and power. However, it can interfere with many medications and supplements including blood thinners, medicines for diabetes, or those used for liver, kidney, or heart problems, as well as mental illnesses or seizures.

Muira Puamawhich is promised to improve erections but nothing is known whether it really works. L-Arginine is said to enhance blood flow providing harder erections. It can be harmful and even unsafe for patients with such medical conditions as asthma, cancer, allergies, kidney or liver problems, sickle cell disease, low blood pressure, or a bleeding. It interacts with many medicines and supplements such as blood thinners, hormone therapy drugs, painkillers, medicines for diabetes, heartburn, erectile dysfunction, and high blood pressure, as well as with garlic, ginkgo biloba, and potassium.

Panax Ginseng is an aphrodisiac that is promised to prevent premature ejaculation. However, there is no scientific proof of this claim. Saw Palmett improves prostate health but it will not make your penis grow as it is promised by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer doesn't say anything about possible side effects of FCKP. So, I have made my own research and I found out a few interesting facts. First of all, side effects do occur. And secondly, they are quite frequent. Let's have a look at dangers and risks of each ingredient separately.

Horny goat weed can worsen the condition of heart which has been proven with the usage of an electrocardiogram. People with bleeding disorders should avoid this component, as well as patients suffering from hormone sensitive conditions and cancers. Horny goat weed can decrease blood pressure and shoulds not be used at least two weeks before a planned surgery.

Maca root is often associated with allergies. Even though it is believed to increase testosterone production in men it can be risky if used in higher doses. Mucuna can be the reason for such side effects, as hair loss, high blood pressure, and hallucinations. That's why it is recommended to stick to the recommended dosage - no more than 500 mg a day. It should be mentioned that taking Mucuna you may develop tolerances and simply not feel its effect.

Yohimbe is also risky. It may cause chest pain, skin irritation and a rash, pain in your genitals, breathing problems, headache, tremors and a painful erection. This substance is able to increase blood pressure and heartbeat. You may feel nervous, dizzy, worried, and even have an upset stomach. Some users sleep bad or lose appetite. Another product's ingredient, muira puama, can cause insomnia if used in high doses.

Arginine seldom causes side effects. They may include cramps, nausea, diarrhea, asthma symptoms, and allergic reactions. It can also decrease blood pressure and change blood chemical and glucose levels. There is supposition that the ratio of arginine to lysine in the diet can promote the development of herpes viruses. It is recommended to increase lysine to avoid it.

"Total waste of money. FCKP makes you cold and jittery"

"FCKP is failed attempt in cheering up my husband. He wept in bed"

"The only thing FCKP did to me was bring down my confidence and hopes of being well endowed down there"

FCKP can be only bought through their official website. The product isn't available on Amazon, GNC or Walmart. You will have to pay $30. You are expected to get a one month supply. You're then automatically enrolled in their program where you will receive a new bottle every month for your money.

FCKP will scarcely help you to cope with your sexual problems as the supplement has a lot of disadvantages. The website is too raunchy. It is made in dark colors and contains a lot of lascivious pictures with giant penises. It gives unreal promises, so I am sure that this product isn't working. In addition, there is no clinical proof showing that this formula is effective. I cannot recommend FCKP to usage as the modern market offers many other effective and safe products of the kind.