As you sit by the fireplace during the afternoon, you will hear the best of irish music being piped through the pub. The walls are covered with crests, collectable bottles, pictures and signs galore from Ireland. Our goal is to re-create the rich traditions of the great pubs of Ireland here in Ocean Beach.

We present an authentic “pub house” experience to our guests based on the “craic” of Ireland – a fun, friendly and exuberant atmosphere. We take great pride in providing our guests with excellent quality products and service. It is our promise to stay devoted to the Irish and remain passionate about the perfect pint.

It is our ambition to create an exceptional experience every time you visit.

The word “pub” originates from the term “public house” which references a community gathering place or focal point within the community for socializing and sharing stories, daily events and a great pint. This embodies our little pub beside the ocean.

The idea is to bring the best of what Ireland has to offer to the States. Which doesn't have anything to do with the music, but rather what the staff provides.

The Best Irish Pub in San Diego

Excellent design and authenticity are at the heart of the new generation of Irish pubs. Without these central platforms, the other important elements of the concept - Irish staff, Irish music and Irish drink, cannot be put into their proper perspective. Our design is what makes it a true irish pub.

Creating a true and authentic “public house” environment is the aim, bringing the "Craic" of the Irish to our Pub.

Our motto love , friendship loyalty (the claddagh)